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Through using this site, you agree to these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy. If you disagree with the conditions stated in this Agreement or are not pleased with the website, please contact us to submit your complaints. If you fail to comply with these Terms, there will be a lawsuit, and your access to this site will be limited. Dubai Visitor Visa can modify these terms and conditions from time to time. Please continue to review this Agreement when you view or use this website.

Terms Of Online Store

You agree to the present Terms and Conditions and have given us your consent to allow one of your minor dependents to visit this Website at least at the age of majority in your residence.

You do not use our products for any wrong or unethical purpose or breach any legislation outside your jurisdiction by using the Service (including but not limited to copyright laws). We do not have to transmit to our website worms, viruses or other malicious code. If the Terms are broken or breached, we will automatically terminate your Services.

General Conditions

For any excuse, we maintain the right to refuse the service of any person at all times. You know that your content can be transmitted without encryption and that

  1. Transmitted through various networks.
  2. Modifications in order to comply with and adapt to network or device connection technical requirements.
  3. Credit card information is also encrypted during network transfers.

You agree to refrain from any part of the service, using the Service, or accessing or contact on the website through which the Service is rendered without our express written permission.


Dubai Visitor Visa will try to provide you correct details and to ensure that you obtain a visa on a time-limited basis for your trip. Nevertheless, all visa requirements (including but not limited to paperwork, fees and schedules) are determined based on general criteria, dependent on your records.

The passport and visa conditions of each country and related details shall be laid down and subject to change by sovereign nations without prior notice. Dubai Visitor Visa is not and will not be able to provide up-to-date information without any assurance that the information given is most up-to-date and complete. A visa to visit Dubai is not and cannot be held responsible for such details.

Service And Price Modification

Prices of our services can change from our side without notice. Without notification of the Service, we reserve the right to alter or cease at any time. We will not be held liable for you or any other third party for any change, price adjustment, termination or discontinuance of the Service.

Product And Services

Only on the website are these products or services available online. The goods or services can only be limited and returned or traded in accordance with our return policy. We have tried to represent as accurately as possible the colors and photographs of our services.

Our rights reserved but not binding are limited to the selling of our goods or services by any person, geographical region or competence. This right may be exercised on a separate basis. The number of products or services we offer can be limited. All product designations or prices are subject to change at all times without notice at our absolute discretion. We reserve the right to stop any product. Where prohibited, any offer made on this website for any good or service is void.

Refund Policy

If you proceed to cancel the visa services of Dubai Visit Visa, then you will be eligible for the refund. The refund, in this case, is governed by certain norms that you have to abide by while applying for the refund. The refund policy follows the rules mentioned below:

  1. If you plan to cancel your Dubai Visit Visa within 4 hours from the booking time, then the bank and payment gateway charges will be deducted from the total fee. The remaining amount will be refunded to the visa applicant.
  2. If you cancel your Dubai Visit Visa within 24 hours for the booking time, then 50 percent of the visa fee, including the service and bank charges, will be deducted. The remaining amount will be transferred to the visa applicants that can range in between 26 USD to 50 USD.
  3. If you cancel the Dubai Visit Visa after 24 hours and after the time when we have processed your visa, then there will be no refund of the Dubai Visit Visa fee.
  4. If the embassy rejects your visa application due to any lawful reasons, you will not be provided with any refund for the same.
  5. There will be no refund of visa service charges and bank transaction charges in any of the cases.
  6. If you apply for a Dubai Emergency Visa, then you have to pay the extra charges for that, and if you cancel it, no refund would be given for that.

Insurance Policy

When applying for a visa for your travel the following points regarding the insurance is to be kept in mind

  • Applying for a travel insurance before applying for a travel visa will be absolutely necessary.
  • The payment of the travel insurance can be done after the visa has been approved.
  • Only after the payment of the travel insurance in full will you receive the approved visa along with the insurance.
  • The price of insurance may vary from person to person and liable to change with other conditions hereby not mentioned.
  • You will also not be eligible for a refund of the insurance fees once the insurance has been applied for and you want to cancel it due to change of plans.
  • Only those travel insurances will be acceptable that has been approved by the UAE government and no other insurances applied from any private agencies or foreign companies will note be acceptable.
  • All the travel insurances applied for must follow all the COVID 19 guidelines as give through the UN. Once you apply for an insurance through us, there is no need to apply for another one through either the airlines or a private agency.
  • No booking of visas will be forwarded without having a travel insurance applied for.

Document Submission

Please check the list of terms and conditions on our website for processing your visa. When you visit our offices, you will receive an email confirming your receipt to ensure that you always know where your documents are. Dubai Visitor Visas which only process the visa(s) stated in your application, Dubai Visitor Visa will not allow any visa(s) unnecessary or associated with your travel.

Dubai Visitor Visa reserves the right not to withhold the processing documents for any reason, including incomplete documentation, insufficient time and difficulty in obtaining documents for travel purposes.

Visa Processing Duration

The issuing authority will eventually decide how quickly the visa or passport is issued and when. More documents are available until approval by the issuing authority. For any cause, the issuing authority may reject any application for a visa or other travel documents. No reasons for rejection can be given for Dubai Visitor Visa.

Dubai Visitor Visa does not grant a visa and, therefore, no issuing authority can guarantee or ensure a document. The time required to authorize or reject the application to the issuing authority cannot be guaranteed. The issuer may determine, which could affect intent, validity or number of entries, to issue travel documents of a kind that is different from that requested by the candidate. As a consequence, you should not buy reimbursable tickets or bookings until all travel documents are received.


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Usability Restrictions

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User Feedback And Comments

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Copyrights And Trademarks

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Termination Of Use

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Limitation Of Warranties

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Limitation Of Liability

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